Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 14

Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup.
2:40 | 12/11/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 14
I'm meteorologist now with your feet fourteen fantasy forecast is he put up plants are under way and we got some bad weather to talk about today that could affect your lineup this week. From a Kansas City to kind of agreeing they were talking and heavy rain wind and this storm is coming in from the west and it also creates a severe weather down south so want to start off here in Kansas City where his tigers plated sheets at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday at 1 o'clock. Now look at SP have a steady rain in the forecast and we're talking to see an eagle chargers are from Southern California it doesn't rain too much there so he really could be a struggle for examiner ought and is are already struggling. Nothing gored in any what had of had a that disappointing couple weeks. And against the Kansas City defense it could be another rough one so as a running back arguing that it sat on the cheese and Hatcher Kanter west and Spencer ware. Now they haven't played week eleven they played the chargers in the gotten 96 yards and two touchdowns together. Where is that on a roll getting double digit anti points and spent and of those games were actually also play. In the rainy and taking over Scotland now the Redskins play the bears at 1 o'clock on Sunday and again we have these showers even chanted thunderstorms but another huge factor. Very strong wind gusts could reach thirty to 35 miles per hour here's Chicago. Barry Barry terrible weather to play football and that's what I want to start off with map for attack not to last week it's become obvious that port take at the starting job in a great game but we have to be careful as linked pretty Carey are still the next I think he could have an etiquette in this week. Especially be lean more on him. And more on running the all in this treacherous weather. And an targets in the Redskins or DeSean Jackson and Jordan reed in my ear rough week for also that DeSean Jackson has always been a boomer boss Platt. And he doesn't score he won't get any points and bless the pockets in the air the less chance of scoring pass. Same Jordan green despite the fact that the heirs of only allowed tight ends a scored twice. All season long. Callahan in the lower to green bag. Again now we and is another factor. Heavy rain still the forecast here in Green Bay with the cowboys play the Packers you don't talk about defense special teams but I have to hear. Munich cowboys' offense has just been not doing well this season beginning on over turnovers right and laughed and the Packers they've been on it. Great streak the past few weeks I think it's gonna be another great match up for the Packers defense and again when you have is rain in the forecast in a team like cowboys well. They could be giving up all over to the Packers defense a lot more and we've seen all season. So another could play be us great access to be happy that nasty weather and it's and a country were deafening and to keep our hi I'm. And I'm here are just now and that is your week fourteen as he forecasts.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"Meteorologist Mel is here with the weather report to help you set your fantasy lineup.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"35720386","title":"Fantasy Football Forecast: Week 14","url":"/Sports/video/fantasy-football-forecast-week-14-35720386"}