Fantasy Forecast: Takeaways from the Panthers vs. Broncos

News' Mellissa Griffin and Michael Huberman give us the takeaways from Thursday night football.
6:01 | 09/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fantasy Forecast: Takeaways from the Panthers vs. Broncos
I'm meteorologist now from the eight agencies as well and forecast after Whitney today Nike and sell an eighty seen it gone. Cell. You on each wine how to iron reaper but. I am so excited that last it was grade but Sunday all of it football red zone from 1 o'clock game. And night and to a money nine news. And court. It. Together. Eat. I have. Five please. Which is probably too many. It's a lot. But you know fantasies always a great way to connect with old friends work friends college friends. So unity put up with all the work in the draft going to be able to connector difference though. I I've got to manage each team communism Weezer for money when leave them very this year it is. Four. The prize is not as much money days as it is the person last place. House to get there has. So let from me I think I'm more concerned with. Coming in fifth place integrate the way that it be great to win it. But coming in late last place would be what I may have to. I come. Upon you know declined me just went on vehement so I'm very much to get at least. Second throughs that. The area. That absolutely I mean you know the money went really very competitive. Sort of think about outline what you can yet what would be worth but like. It's leagues like this where you the other wrestler. Having make up are unhappily there today to stand up comedy so it's it's things like that make fun. Exactly and hurt that well I. Eat. Eat eat. The community that's right where we started today right at the need is is great as a reward. Believe that the owners. I got. All on its cause. I apps as we eat it it. All this week on the all of that she. 13888. There. Art work Lee. High school for a it's. Eat out one. I'll. Here are better and back. I. Asked for years. It's here. Eats a lot. The Latin got a rivers it monitor Rudy Thursday and I aren't. That. It's. Possible. Players. Aren't. Let me read in certain how analog front. A only. Each day. And all. Yeah I mean you know it's some first votes great to have football back last night Thursday it was always create. As the patriots fan it was sad to see the Broncos with their Super Bowl trophy you know because whoever whatever. I have three take away from fans expect the first one was that. You know there's still some thought though Cam Newton west Jerusalem when news. He's an Audi is Benjamin back he is so valuable. Through the air and running and so if you have him he's a workhorse he's gonna get so many points you think about. How many teens last year. Won their enemies with canyons. So many people that had him really benefit I think this deal with the same thing he's just done. Every week. Number two was Trevor city it was a very net. It's silly he threw a couple of interceptions was its one he got hit as he threw. I just thought as I was watching him it you know Emanuel Sanders and partners I'm mr. two players we have been accustomed to putting huge number. All. Right but it's the first and it can ever seen this guy's western. Eight achy back. That it. And it's one week. But it really made me think that this year there are going to be very Kansas this guy is a game manager. You know he's not going to be asked to do too much so. That kind of go to my next week which is Suzanne there's really. All year he's going to be you know asked to do Tomlin saw last night that he had about. Eighty something resting arts forty receiving yards two touchdowns. He's going to be asked to do why anyone even look at other running backs and never rain and in case of an injury to Anderson. But you know. The take away for that is numbers are up its variances and it looked a lot like the office we saw last year Peyton Manning. Just for the January younger quarterback who just doesn't have the same skills whose. He's. Is that I was at last year and act you can do better yet so I'm real Al's I am very excited. I think it's it is honest editors feel lake. Me not shore. All is icy and I feel it we eat eat eat. The luster this player. And that and that fullback who scored as a percent of those back I just scream accused Jankovic and nick I just screams. It.

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{"duration":"6:01","description":"News' Mellissa Griffin and Michael Huberman give us the takeaways from Thursday night football.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"41978232","title":"Fantasy Forecast: Takeaways from the Panthers vs. Broncos ","url":"/Sports/video/fantasy-forecast-takeaways-panthers-broncos-41978232"}