Ray Rice Says His Actions Were 'Inexcusable'

Baltimore Ravens' running back Ray Rice conducts first Q&A since the domestic violence incident.
19:01 | 07/31/14

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Transcript for Ray Rice Says His Actions Were 'Inexcusable'
For the first time since a surveillance camera caught punching. Then dragging is unconscious -- Atlantic City casino elevator. Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice will meet the press and take questions. From training camp. I'm Dan Butler in New York rice is now married to originate all of the woman that we saw that video and now here in this video of this. Was an apology. And this is her at his side as he gave statements this spring about three months after that -- fifteenth incident. Reports are present right -- not take questions this case still pending in court but the legal situation now settled rice -- jail time and probation. Agreeing to counseling and -- intervention program. He is free to speak out and he is now into the -- let's listen. -- notes and you know today is going to be. You know another very different day for me my family. The first thing I want. Talk about my taxes and I totally. Inexcusable. You know that night. And we are just replay over and over my eyes to notice -- -- actually inexcusable. And something I have to live -- arrested. Have to live with the rest of life and -- don't -- and I'm talking about little is that. Is waking up every day in my daughter's two years old now and -- little -- very Smart very intelligent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And we have to explain that to -- You know what happened that night so. And did I know that's not why him as -- -- That's not moralism is not my mom raised me to be anybody knows me and knows me I think I was raised by single parent you know my mother. -- You know sitting here today. You know re plated thing is that it did your -- raised -- to be you know I'll let her down -- -- my -- Did I let my -- -- Don't let my wife's parents them. I'll let the whole Baltimore community down and I got to assist -- -- teammates down you know I -- so many people down. Because of 36 in my life. An undocumented vet but. Speaking on that -- it what I've done going forward. You know I'm -- say that I needed help when they are realizing man amounts for it actually helped. Just touch on something -- somebody. Publicly apologize to my wife. And did not realize that hit home what a lot of people. -- -- -- that me in my life sleep together and we still have to do this very. Her pain is my name my pain -- -- pain but one thing that I want to do today it was you know apologize to my life. Who I've known since high school. I've known her since a kid. -- not -- at high school ways. She saved -- -- that she is great mother and she's a great wife that she supports me you know throughout. Governor Tom is right through that time is right and I say that because it. You gotta fix itself what you go out there and help others. It was time rightly in my life. We want to go out there didn't it didn't help people anybody. You know violence of any kind especially man -- woman. -- this that is just not right. It's not -- and be tolerated. It's not right to society. No matter what. That's something I stand by. And I have to pictured it but me and my wife what time is right. We will go out there and help as many people as we can to go out there to speak out against domestic violence. Because it's something that shouldn't be is just there's just totally inexcusable. And I'm here today to -- you know I mean the biggest mistake in my life. Week she can do no wrong she's an ancient. You know it was. We're -- counseling. We've taken the necessary steps to move forward. You know us government council because council does not want it -- you go to. Things. Things automatically get better but what councilman has done infamy has allowed me to it's Iraq -- -- -- So let me know what I was weekend -- Because honestly. Score touchdowns and do what I do with the NFL player in is a very big job was very small in terms of being -- parent. -- -- -- We're continue to monitoring that press conference there by Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice making a public apology there. Let's rejoin where -- thought the might of the press. I get myself completely. Ready to go out there and do things I've been donor community. I will go out there help as many people as we can -- myself in my life. -- -- -- -- I just be honest I was. Pass -- -- my actions and I just don't wanna keep. You know -- live in the incident to incident itself you know. I'm trying to move forward and every time -- have to keep reliving this does not. You know doesn't bring. Really good to me so what happened and I it was a huge mistake on my behalf and that's what are keeping it and you know like I said I'm just horrible floor and and and I don't condone any of my behavior I don't want you to think that -- condone in my actions and I take full responsibility for what happened. You know my wife -- tool and you know what happened and I was something that should never happen and you know -- that I have to pay for it for the rest in my life. Because my daughter is very intelligent. Enough pain she's going to want to know what hat. Because she's going to prep school one day just how fast these. So fast -- -- gonna go worldwide. Myself my -- going to be pick up the phone Google father's name the first thing that's come up and how many touchdowns us. Don't come out about what happened so you know that's something. That's a lot of punishment -- -- -- -- -- for the -- -- -- -- -- -- I want my -- -- -- -- You know lasting Alamo like to do -- -- live in fear. You know businesses and I have to leave the family I have to be that guy to leave my -- Friend whatever happened inside that elevator -- -- two game suspension but. How's it been or has it been misconstrued by the national media always -- as this video that's been released. Honestly I don't. And I don't know what's out there is without the you know and I just two game suspension and I don't have any control over anything -- You know -- the higher authorities. There's something that you know the courts and in the NFL commissioner those -- -- -- would make decisions that. That I can't control but one thing -- -- flow is being about a father being a better holes. Be about a role model be a better husband to be in a better you know just overall personal forward you know some -- things -- -- realized that. You know it. I'm not perfect and I don't have. You know I have a lot of things to work and that's the thing you -- it's -- every day it's a constant battle you know his -- you -- work on every day. But what they are not controlled and that's not with the suspension anything although the people make decisions that I have no control. One thing I can control. Has -- a better father better husband better role model fantasy that a person's day every day brings different towns. -- -- -- -- I think I answer that question before questioning that the impact that is had only just something that. I -- I don't live with of -- of me and my wife happens explain to my daughter. Not only my daughter I have kids that look up to me I have. A lot of people who look up to me when it comes to situations. Can and something without -- break can -- -- long. You know and that's something that cannot take pride. And I know that a lot of people out there have lost respect. Maybe. It is not likely anymore but you know what that's something that you know that's -- -- that's my full. I have to own it that's -- -- But what they know about respect is -- not give it to you after an. My dad my daily battle each day is even working until my -- -- -- -- You know what you know I own this thing I wanna come out and work as hard as I -- know when I'm not gonna play the first two weeks and let them know that I'm just an that would do whatever -- -- are my teammates respect bet because they know what -- -- -- and if you truly know who I am you really know what I -- And I say that you know. Because everybody knows if you take a deep. -- into this she -- not the god you all know. I'm capable of being. -- a lot of -- to comment on punishment. Do you think your punishment. I guess that I don't have any control -- What the punishment was hardly a place on the day to day basis. Updated daily basis is very directly. No football games and no money was going to determine what I have to live with the rest of my life. So that punishment that obviously but -- -- it. It hurts because I can watch them play football but -- -- and I got to be a father and explain what happened to my daughter so I think. You know participant -- -- punishment and I never planned on appealing any kind of punishment. So that was two days for getting 68 games I was gonna hold my taxes and vehement about it and take whatever -- didn't so I don't have any control. Although what the punishment was given an old what happened what do -- is. You know. We went to the whole process we want to hold legal process we went -- commission a process and -- who has decided you know that was out of my control. Breaking news -- behind you haven't seen here with the burden on your children and you separate harassing him back on the field and to be productive is violently. Presidential election. You know coach -- -- it before. Out of football feel much -- it. And obviously. You know discovered being -- part offseason program. Get in -- working. And doing things that -- always been going on what they'll feel like my old self again. You know has has given me some inspiration to go out there -- not only just -- out there play football again is getting inspiration go out there. -- be the best football player -- can be. They are trying to do now is be consistent everyday life not just be a great football player -- -- -- great father started -- -- -- great role -- You know -- try to do everything right now because. You know you. If you have any flaws and like any -- somebody figured out -- You know there are bills such just short of the complete personal -- would be an honest -- do it every day. Definitely helps me out and the it is Michael's publicist Marcy. You know I can hear network on every day -- he said he. That was gotten to that press -- there was nothing to impress upon what we where it ended. Was. Which -- understand if you if you understood why. Let's press conference was a little bit awkward was that you know you have to wait for the legal system to a state you know once we were able to. Go to the courts until we had to do. That it was time to meet her at it -- Roger Goodell. And I think Roger Goodell has everything that of course this -- so it wasn't more about a -- upon them it was more about. Doing what I'm doing today on in my own actions you know I've sent my wife can do no wrong she went with me to support me. -- what Whitney -- any you know favors you know that wasn't the favorite did because she supports me and you know that that's what went up there and it I don't think there was anything. Special that was we let -- have the details this is you know well as the closest to us what -- guys behind us -- supporting you. I mean the world to me. You know -- got a shirt -- -- you know when one goes to something we ought to we -- -- and cannot say I sincerely because. You know these -- my Brothers. You know this is something that. You know university builds character and it definitely. Gonna stay there help me through the process back into how many guys. You know just sometimes -- solar -- -- thousands as we hope you know. He's my guys you know my wife Kim was there but you know football season come around you know you're working fairly -- -- -- half. So these -- the guy that happened lean on every day for not only moral support was just Italians keep -- -- to keep me motivated. And it's you know to see me not only is you know brother but also -- -- -- First time. Should never happen it was the first -- whatever happened I've never had a problem with domestic abuse incident never happened. This was a one time incident what did happen right what happened in the elevator. -- -- just I think I answer that question that I am not go -- which I'm moving forward in life. And move forward to being a better father better husband and I'm I'm not trying to disrespect -- It's just the -- back with I'm not gonna keep living in this situation -- -- -- -- -- and I don't think. You know is it -- it's fair for me to go out there is to keep -- -- -- situation I'll hold my actions I don't condone anything as was done and you know I'm gonna move forward and I'm not saying that out of disrespect for -- have tremendous respect for you. But it you know this was very touchy situation is a very touchy situation but not just myself for the rest of the world as well. And I guess that when I'm better -- -- out there to help as many people as our schools but it was something that I've been. You care what I want -- -- -- the -- to you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad they're put words I don't know. What that's something -- put upon myself. But I have a brotherhood that a support me at my teammates. My wife. You know how my family. People close to me that will help me get through this. -- as far as playing football as far as going out there and being a leader in community are still reluctant -- me. You know the thing that they. That people. Might think this doesn't change who I am I know when I'm not. I know that all of kids I -- that I love helping people. And I know that I'll go out there. Indian ambassador. Foot domestic violence to make -- somebody else doesn't go through what I went through a what me and my wife went. You know that -- comes with time. I'm gonna continue to be the rate rise to -- goes -- he's -- go free -- for the kids I'm gonna go visit troops and hospital in the you know I don't need cameras and stuff to do that -- many things -- done off camera they didn't get publicized. So that's -- I'm going to be -- a person. Also I'm going to be -- me. My sincerest apologies go out anybody who's been -- anything I've been through. You know those -- apologies go out to -- -- been to any kind of domestic violence. It has no place in society in this world especially an old woman. And I have to own them accidents and I have to live with the rest of my life. Thank you appreciate. That is -- Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice addressing a press for the first time. Since a February 15 incident in which -- surveillance video caught rise. Punching and dragging his wife his then fiancee out -- in Atlantic City casino elevator. From that. Rice was indicted by a grand jury on felony aggravated assaults he said it -- to admit be admitted into a pretrial program which allowed them to avoid jail time. And it kind of a fine however he was fine by the NFL a two game suspension. And 850000. Dollar fine is well for that. Since that time he made public apology a public statement with his now wife -- -- by his side. He was criticize -- for that for not making a public apology to his wife and this is what we saw on May 23. But rice today at the start of training camp. Had addressed not only this public press conference -- in fact that he does apologize to his wife. Then he let her down saying that he let her wipes his wife's family down that -- let down the Baltimore community. When he was asked -- some of the reporters what happened in that elevator what caused those actions -- simply said after being asked this two or three times now. I'm not going to go backwards he did not count the events that happened inside that elevator. He said it is a huge mistake he said -- the pain that he lives with every day is -- stating that at some point he will have to explain what happened that night. To his two year old daughter. For now though. Ray Rice making it very public apology. -- that night in February and of course the developments will continue not only for the two game suspension. But also for any kind of reaction by fans by the Baltimore community and for those in the NFL of course you can keep up with the story all the reaction in real time by downloading ABC news app and starring a story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Dan -- New York.

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{"id":24791868,"title":"Ray Rice Says His Actions Were 'Inexcusable' ","duration":"19:01","description":"Baltimore Ravens' running back Ray Rice conducts first Q&A since the domestic violence incident.","url":"/Sports/video/ray-rice-actions-inexcusable-qa-24791868","section":"Sports","mediaType":"default"}