Virginia wins first NCAA title

The Cavaliers rallied in overtime beating Texas Tech for the 2019 NCAA championship.
2:31 | 04/09/19

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Transcript for Virginia wins first NCAA title
Did you stay up last night to watch the NCAA finals OK well it was a crazy banished the University of Virginia top Texas Tech. In overtime to win the school's first national championships so TJ all those in Indianapolis. And have more. All right Kimberly told me yesterday you know I really. The exports fair that you job. You better watch this game as Mexico the third hooked to be another classic another Jim this is what we're used to seeing from the Virginia Cavaliers they give us these heart attack games. If you will was sure enough that was the case again last night on the way to their first. Ever championship in school history so how did we get here these are two of the top three deepens a team all of college basketball a lot of people thought this would be 88 low scoring not very exciting affair it did palace lo store to it. But Mandy teens found their rhythm picked it up. Get to the second half. Any takes a three quarter from beyond 300 in the final moments in the closing moments to put this thing into overtime in overtime though Virginia took care of business. In the going twelve for to a from the free throw line. They were is cool was any thing you've ever seen. What they've been used to this right because they have had been in these close tight miracle ending games almost the past a couple of games here incidentally tournament and put this thing away so give headline is Virginia wins. Its first ever national championship in an overtime classic. That just scratches the surface actually of this story because we take into account what happened to this team last year becoming the laughing stock really of college basketball in losing. To a sixteen feet the first time ever that a one seat has lost with sixteen seed. In the first round NCAA tournament that was Virginia last year they had to do with all the jokes the ridiculed the Kane. For the past year to to persevere and get back to this point and to win the championship the very next year. This is really exports comeback story for the ages so congratulations to that cute those kids what they were able to do. Then on the other side Texas Tech a lot of people had them in that it is their first final four not a lot of people had been in the championship necessarily expected them to win. But they are a tough minded defensive team. Put up a great fight and they were oh so close they are the and the congratulations to them on the year they had but Virginia is going to be. Partying for quite some time but also they'll be thinking about what they pulled off this past year the they are now part of sports history and the. Yes history makers congratulation to the team and congratulations to TJ we're having that fun assignment.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"The Cavaliers rallied in overtime beating Texas Tech for the 2019 NCAA championship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Sports","id":"62276775","title":"Virginia wins first NCAA title","url":"/Sports/video/virginia-wins-ncaa-title-62276775"}