Vote: Would you go for 2 with the game on the line?

— -- It was a dramatic opening Sunday in the NFL, but perhaps the most entertaining game of the day happened in New Orleans. There, the Oakland Raiders scored a touchdown with 47 seconds left to put them down by one -- and went for the two-point conversion.

"I was thinking that we're here to win; let's win it right now," coach Jack Del Rio said.

Win his team did, beating the New Orleans Saints 35-34. But Del Rio surely would have come under consideration had Derek Carr's pass to Michael Crabtree been incomplete. So we ask ...

As Stats & Info pointed out, in this instance ESPN's win probability model estimated the Raiders would have had a 51 percent chance to win if they kicked the extra point, and only 44 percent going for two. That said, Stats & Info also mentioned that the Raiders had made a two-point conversion earlier in the quarter, and might have seen vulnerability in the Saints' defense.

Per Stats & Info, the Raiders are the first team to score a go-ahead two-point conversion in the final minute of the fourth quarter since the Broncos did it against the San Diego Chargers in Week 2 of the 2008 season.