3 football players announce plans to transfer from Liberty

Three football players at Liberty University say they have entered the transfer portal and two of them cite “racial insensitivity” in the university’s leadership or similar reasons

Kei'Trel Clark and Tayvion Land, both sophomore defensive backs, and senior linebacker Waylen Cozad all announced their intentions on Twitter. Clark and Land, who are Black, cited racial or cultural concerns with the leadership at the evangelical school.

Land specifically cited “racial insensitivity displayed by leadership” at Liberty.

Cozad, who is white, wrote he was “ready for a new opportunity.”

Replying to Clark's and Land's tweets, the school said inappropriate comments by a professor who was subsequently fired led to the two players' decisions.

Reached via Twitter, Clark said remarks from the professor were “one of the reasons” he had decided to seek a transfer, but he declined to elaborate when asked if Liberty President Jerry Falwell Jr.'s recent Twitter activity was also among his reasons for leaving.

With the decisions, a total of four student-athletes have announced they are transferring. Women's basketball player Asia Todd announced about two weeks ago that “racial insensitivity” that did “not align with my moral compass or personal convictions” caused her to leave.

Earlier this month, Falwell apologized for a tweet in late May deemed inappropriate by nearly three dozen black alumni who rebuked him publicly.

In his apology, Falwell said, “I actually refreshed the trauma that image had caused and offended some by using the image to make a political point.”

He said he had deleted the tweet.