Super Bowl hangover? Don't worry, better sports days ahead

Best Way to Deal with Super Bowl Hangover? Check Out Rest of 2019 Sports Calendar.

PodcastOne Sports Now hosts Jim Litke and Tim Dahlberg deal with their Super Bowl hangovers by looking ahead to the best dates remaining on this year's sports calendars.

The first two days of the NCAA basketball tournament tops their ranking, clinched by this fun fact: More men schedule vasectomies over that weekend than any other — "a perfect excuse," Litke notes, "to turn on the TV and burrow into the couch ... while being served food and drink by a friend or significant other."

Then AP pro football writer Rob Maaddi joins them to recap some zany aspects of the big game, debate "Brady or Belichick." and predict which teams — not named the Patriots — might turn up for the 2020 edition.

On the menu: The joys of Nutella.