10 Apps to Help Survive Freshman Year of College

Study smarter and faster with these apps.

— -- intro: You've reached college: the promised land.

There are parties, new friends, the adventure of living in the dormitories and the thrill of figuring out what you want to do with your life.

Then there are the classes.

Freshman year doesn't have to be stressful, though. Check out these ten apps that will help you study smarter, save money and get the most out of the first year of college.

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quicklist: 1title: iHomeworktext: Stay organized with iHomework, an academic planning app that allows users to keep track of courses, homework assignments and due dates.media: 25058586

quicklist: 2title: Study Bluetext: Who needs index cards? Study Blue lets users create their own digital flash cards, which will come in handy for studying for big tests.media: 25058729

quicklist: 3title: Easy Bibtext: Citing your sources in research papers is a breeze with Easy Bib. Simply scan a book's barcode and it will produce a bibliography in MLA, APA and Chicago style citations. media: 25058794

quicklist: 4title: Paper Port Notestext: Keeping track of notebooks, loose leaf papers and handouts can be a pain. Consolidate the paper trail into the Paper Port Notes app.

The app integrates with cloud storage services, allows users to record page by page audio and even import PDF, Power Point and image files into the collection, allowing everything to stay in one place.

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quicklist: 5title: Dragon Dictationtext: It's like having your own secretary. Dragon Dictation is a voice to text app that claims to be up to five times faster than typing on a keyboard. So go ahead and write those emails and essays out loud -- just be sure to proofread.

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quicklist: 6title: Cheggtext: As if the sticker shock of tuition, room and board wasn't enough, there's still the price of textbooks.

The Chegg app aims to cut down on that cost by letting users rent e-textbooks. And bonus points: No more carting around heavy books since.

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quicklist: 7title: Circle of 6text: Stay connected to the people nearby who you trust the most with the Circle of 6 app.

Two touches of the app lets a user’s circle know where they are and how they can help.

"It's the mobile way to look out for your friends, on campus or when you’re out for the night," the app's website says.media: 25058932

quicklist: 8title: Urbanspoontext: When you can't handle the dining hall any longer, turn to Urbanspoon. The app helps users find nearby restaurants based on cuisine and budget.media: 25058682

quicklist: 9title: Minttext: College is expensive. Keep your finances in check with Mint.

Mint allows users to check their bank account balances and see a breakdown of their spending -- all in one place.media: 25059046

quicklist: 10title: Skypetext: Keep in touch with high school friends who are across the country with Skype's video chat. Don't forget to call mom and dad!media: 25058997