See How $50 and $10 iPhone 6s Cases Compare in 'GMA' Test

Which iPhone 6s case will offer you the best protection?

ByABC News
October 14, 2015, 11:28 AM

— -- Cellphone protective cases range in price and levels of advertised protection.

"Good Morning America" put two cases for the new iPhone 6s through a series of tests to see how they held up. The cases used were the OtterBox, which costs $49.95, and the Anker Ultra Protective for $9.99.

Malarie Gokey and Jeremy Kaplan of Digital Trends helped “GMA” with the experiment. The cases containing a new iPhone 6s were dropped from as high as 15 feet, put in dirt and gravel and scratched with keys. We used new cases for each category of testing.

“Usually, when we test cases we go through a couple different things that you might encounter in real life,” Gokey said.

VIDEO: iPhone Case Shopping Doesn't Have to Be a Nightmare
VIDEO: iPhone Case Shopping Doesn't Have to Be a Nightmare

In all instances, cases from both brands protected the phone from damage. Bottom line: Consumers choosing don't necessarily need to spend more money.

In a statement, OtterBox told ABC News that it provides “premium, durable protection and you get what you pay for. ... The true test is time, because drops and dings aren’t just a one-time occurrence.”

In a statement, Anker said its case “is designed and engineered for those who demand serious protection for their iPhone without sacrificing the iPhone’s slim and lightweight feel.”