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Vibrant review and 3-D Hawaii.

July 16, 2010— -- Apple is ready to discuss the iPhone 4's reception problems. The company will hold a news conference at its headquarters today to discuss the issues that have plagued the device since its release.

But don't expect Apple to recall the phone: Published reports say it won't happen. "Apple would do more harm than good in recalling the iPhone," Arik Hesseldahl of Bloomberg BusinessWeek said. "It would make this problem worse, not better.

"This is not like this is a car that doesn't slow down when you apply the brakes, this is a cell phone that has some signal issues. And, let's be honest, pretty much all cell phones have signal issues at one time or another."

Apple was reportedly aware of the problem as early as a year ago but went ahead with development because CEO Steve Jobs liked the design so much.

Vibrant Review

If you've crossed the iPhone off your must-have list, there's always the growing line-up of Google's Android powered phones. The latest addition is the Samsung Vibrant, which is now available through T-Mobile. It has pretty much all the features you expect in a smartphone, with a large four-inch screen.

It's worth considering, USA Today's Ed Baig said. "Vibrant lives up to its name with a vibrant screen, a snappy processor," he said. "It looks good, it feels good.

It's not perfect, he said, "but overall, as an Android phone, this is a really nice device."

The Vibrant costs $200 with a two-year contract. You can read Baig's full review on

3-D Hawaii

You can now visit Hawaii without leaving home. is a new website offering 3-D virtual tours of hotels, shops and tourist attractions in the state. The site's creator calls it the next generation in travel planning. Nine other states plan to have similar interactive sites by the end of next year.

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