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Heart group backs Wii, Alan Wake review, poster's remorse.

Heart Group Backs Wii

Alan Wake Review

"Light and darkness and shadow play a huge role in the game. You have that flashlight with you all the time, and you have to make sure your flashlight or your lantern stays charged because the monsters themselves are powered by darkness," Ackerman said. "Underneath the really cool cinematics and the atmosphere and the clever storytelling, it is a little bit of a cookie-cutter action adventure game. You've definitely played games like this before. We would've liked to see such a creative, inventive storyline and such great atmosphere mixed with kind of a little bit more creative game play."

Alan Wake is only available on the X-Box 360.

Poster's Remorse

Ever post something on Facebook, only to instantly regret it? If so, you're not alone. A new survey finds one in three people using social networks have " poster's remorse." And nearly 30 percent of those who regretted a comment or photo said it caused problems at home, work or in their relationship. It's definitely best to think twice before you tweet.

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