TechBytes: Bing Facebook

Facebook password, millions connect to miners' rescue.

Oct. 14, 2010— -- What do your Facebook friends like? Microsoft's search engine Bing can tell you.

It has a new feature that will display search results along with how often your Facebook friends clicked to say that they liked something. So, for example, if you search for a movie or restaurant, you can find out if your friends like it.

Facebook Password

Facebook has a new security feature; a one-time password. Facebook says the password can be used in public places such as airports or coffee shops.

Users receive their password by text message. The password lasts for 20 minutes, so even if someone steals it, it's much less likely they'll get to use it.

Millions Connect to Miners' Rescue

The Chilean mine rescue had millions of people checking in online . One web monitor says online traffic Tuesday afternoon grew to more than 4 million page views per minute.

That's the fifth most since 2005. The World Cup and President Obama's inaugural address were among the events that got more coverage.

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