TechBytes: Discovering Music on YouTube

Dell Streak review, iPhone Antenn-Aid

July 23, 2010— -- YouTube is making it easier to discover new music . The site is launching a video discovery page at It pulls in all the music videos on the site and sorts them into categories. From there you can watch the most popular videos, listen by genre or playlist and create mixes. YouTube is also launching a new live concert series called Unstaged. Arcade Fire kicks it off August 5 with performances by John Legend and the Roots to follow.

Dell Streak Review

Dell started taking pre-orders for its new tablet device this week. The Streak has a screen that's about half the size of the iPad's and also doubles as a phone. USA Today's Ed Baig thinks it may have a tough time catching on.

"It will appeal to people who are thinking about this as a good portable tablet for maps, for watching videos, that sort of thing," Baig said. "You're not gonna think about it, at least in a good way, if you're thinking about this as your smartphone. I just don't think this is the way to go if you're thinking phone first." Dell has not said how much the Streak will cost.

iPhone Antenn-Aid

By now you've probably heard more than enough about Apple's so- called antenna-gate. The company announced last week that it will give out free bumpers to fix the new iPhone's reception problems. But two New York designers came up with a more stylish solution to put a band-aid on the problem They call it Antenn-aid, and it fits perfectly around the edge of the phone. It started as a joke, but it's really beginning to stick.

"We thought we might sell out a couple hundred but at this point, it's been a couple thousand," said Antenn-aid co-designer Szymon Weglarskim. "We definitely want people to put it on their phone, and for some people it may help with their reception issues since it insulates that part of the phone. Some people think it's really cute. A lot of people want them on their phones." A six-pack costs $5 plus shipping on

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