TechBytes: If I Can Dream

In TechBytes today, new Web show, PS3 bug fixed and more.

ByBrett Levy and Claudia Morales
March 02, 2010, 9:52 AM

Mar. 2, 2010— -- The creator of American Idol, Simon Fuller, is looking to conquer the web with his new reality show "If I Can Dream". The show debuts today on It follows five young people hoping to make it in Hollywood. The aspiring stars, three actors, one musician and the other a model, will all live together. This will be more than just another reality show because viewers can follow them 24 hours 7 days a week on and fans will also be able to connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace.

Sony says it fixed a bug that prevented some PlayStation 3 owners from logging on to the PlayStation network for about 24 hours. The network offers downloads of games and movies but some games could not be played even when the consoles were off-line. Sony says the glitch had to do with the machine's internal clock, which were programmed to think yesterday was February 29th.

Although Spring training is in full swing, baseball season begins today for video game fans. The popular baseball game MLB2K10 goes on sale. It is the tenth anniversary edition of the game and's Dan Evans says the game has come a long way from its early days. "MLB2K10 is a very deep game for baseball enthusiasts, but it also has elements of arcade style baseball, so if you want to get in there, hit a couple of home runs, you can do that," says Evans. For those who prefer to play over a longer game, Evans also says, "If you also want to play a full 162 game series, you can also play it out that way. I recommend it to both baseball fans and baseball strategist alike." The game is available for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Google pledged last month to test superfast internet service in communities across the country and apparently Topeka, Kansas really wants to be one of them. The mayor has signed a proclamation calling for the city to be known as Google, Kansas all month. It is not the first time the city has pulled a stunt like this. In 1998, it changed its name to Topikachu after the Pokemon character.

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