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Apple released a free software update for the iPad Monday, adding a bunch of new features. Users can now create folders for apps on the home screen and run more than one app at a time. There's also a feature called AirPrint that lets users wirelessly beam files to certain printers.

'Need for Speed' Review

The latest chapter in the racing video game franchise "Need for Speed" hit stores last week. In "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit," you can play as the speeder or the police. CNET's Dan Ackerman says the game also adds a new element to the genre.

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iPad Upgrade

"The thing that makes an online, multi-player game really successful is the ability to sort of taunt your opponents and get them involved in sort of that trash-talking," Ackerman said. "'Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit' is really one of the first racing games to work all that in and really appeal to that sort of social element of having fun with your friends, but also kind of taunting them and challenging them at the same time."

"Need for Speed" is available for PCs and all the major gaming consoles.

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Facebook and MySpace Team-up

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