TechBytes: iPad on Verizon

MiMedia slashes time it takes to back up your digital files online.

Oct. 15, 2010— -- One of Apple's most popular products is coming to Verizon Wireless. Verizon will begin selling the Wi-Fi version of the iPad at the end of the month with the option of bundling it with a Mi-Fi gadget for an extra $130. The Mi-Fi lets users get a Wi-Fi signal anywhere there's cellular service.

MiMedia Review

Backing up your digital files online can be a time-consuming process. A new service called MiMedia aims to slash that time. The company sends you a hard drive, you back up your files, send the drive back and then the company uploads your pictures, movies and music to the web, allowing you to access them anywhere. USA Today's Ed Baig is impressed.

"MiMedia, I think, is off to a terrific start here," Baig said. "They've got to massage some features, fix some bugs but, overall, this is a very promising service."

The service starts at $5 a month for 25 gigs of storage.

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