TechBytes: iPhone 4 Unveiled

Introducing iPhone

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4 Monday. The new version is faster and thinner, with a higher resolution screen and longer battery life. It also has some new tricks, such as a front-facing camera for video chat, the ability to shoot and edit high-definition videos and a gyroscope that could lead to new kinds of games.

MacLife editor Roberto Baldwin said the new display is unbelievable. "The display on the new iPhone, you really have to have it in your hands," he said. "Videos and pictures aren't going to do it justice. You should check this thing out."

It goes on sale June 24. A 16-gigabyte model will cost $199. Thirty-two gigs will sell for $299.

AT&T's Upgrade Offer

AT&T wants to make it easier for iPhone owners to upgrade at the subsidized prices. Subscribers who would be eligible for an upgrade at any time this year will be allowed to buy the device when it goes on sale for the lower price. Customers who are not eligible will have to pay an extra $200 for a new phone.

Netflix for iPhone

Netflix has announced that it is finally coming to the iPhone. The movie-rental service will be releasing a free app for its customers this summer. The app will allow members to manage their queues and watch movies and TV shows directly on their phones. You'll even be able to start then stop a movie on your TV and pick-up where you left off on your phone.

HP's Connected Printers

Apple wasn't the only tech giant to introduce new products Monday. Hewlett-Packard unveiled a line of printers designed for the smartphone age. The printers have e-mail addresses, allowing smartphone users to send photos and any other files they want to print, no wires required.

So now if you want to send pictures to grandma you can e-mail them straight to her printer and they'll be waiting for her. But you may have to visit when it's time to change the ink.

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