TechBytes: Kindle for Android

iPhone mobile payments, social network for kids, office robot.

iPhone Mobile Payments

Social Network for Kids

"It seemed like a fun place to be if you were a kid. You can really personalize it and make it your own, and when you're the kid, you go to and you log in with your own password and credentials," Boehret said. "So it feels like something that's your own, even though the parent does have access to see everything that's going on."

Office Robot

Don't want to go to the office today? How about sending a robot in your place? A company called Anybots has developed the QB. It's sort of like a dedicated video conferencing computer on wheels, rolling around the office and allowing you to sit in on meetings. The $15,000 robot will be available in the fall. And with an eight-hour battery life, you won't have to work overtime.

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