TechBytes: News Corp. vs. Google

VIDEO: Microsoft and News Corp vs.

News Corp. and Microsoft might team up to take on Google. The publisher of the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers is reportedly considering removing links to its papers from Google's search engine.

News Corp. would instead feature its stories on Microsoft's Bing search engine. Such a deal could help News Corp. make money from its newspaper content online, although the company would risk losing a huge audience that finds the stories through Google.

Nook Sold Out

Anyone hoping to get Barnes and Noble's new electronic book reader in time for the holidays is out of luck. The bookseller said pre-orders for the Nook have exceeded expectations and the gadget is sold out through Christmas. The company is ramping up production but anyone who orders the $259 device now won't get it until Jan. 4, at the earliest.

Customers can, however, get a certificate to present as a place holder until the real thing arrives.

Facebook Insurance Battle

A Canadian woman received a harsh reminder that virtually nothing is private once you put it online. Natalie Blanchard is battling her insurance company after she lost her benefits because of some pictures she posted on Facebook.

She is on long-term sick leave for depression but she added some pictures in which she appeared to be having fun. The company saw them and said they're evidence she's no longer depressed. Blanchard said she was just following her doctor's advice, trying to have fun and now she is fighting to get her benefits reinstated.

'Star Trek'-Like 'Phaser'

The words "Set your 'phasers' to stun" are straight out of "Star Trek" but now scientists say they've created a device that can do just that. The 'Star Trek'-like 'phaser' they've developed only works on worms right now. The machine temporarily paralyzes the worms but researchers believe the 'phaser' could someday be used to treat medical conditions in humans.

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