UTStarcom CDM-105 (CDM-7000)

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The UTStarcom CDM-105 has reliable performance, a speakerphone, voice dialing, and analog roaming. The UTStarcom CDM-105 is hampered by a poor overall design, which includes no external display, a small internal screen, and slippery keys. If you can get over the obvious design flaws, the UTStarcom CDM-105 is a basic and well-performing cell phone for Sprint. http://abcnews.com.com/UTStarcom_CDM_105_CDM_7000/4505-6454_7-31313322.html?subj=UTStarcom+CDM-105+%28CDM-7000%29&tag=feed∂=abcnews 06-Mar-2006 02:23 PM PST