Motorola Slvr L7

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The Motorola Slvr L7 has an attractive overall design. It also comes with an integrated iTunes player, Bluetooth, a sharp display, a TransFlash card slot, and a speakerphone, as well as solid call and music-audio quality. The Motorola Slvr L7's iTunes player is sluggish, and it's burdened with too many usage restrictions. The phone is further hampered by a low-resolution VGA camera, a lack of support for EDGE, tricky controls, no FM radio or stereo speakers, and little integrated memory. Motorola's Slvr L7 puts a prettier face on the iTunes phone, but its low-resolution camera, its sluggish music-player performance, and the limitations on the iTunes usability are big distractions.∂=abcnews 01-Feb-2006 03:54 PM PST