Microsoft Xbox Live Vision Camera for Xbox 360

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Microsoft's slickly designed Xbox Live Vision for Xbox 360 is a relatively inexpensive, USB Web-cam-style video camera that allows you to video-chat online with other Xbox Live gamers. You can also use the camera to add still images to your text messages and your gamertag picture, not to mention that some upcoming games will allow you to map your face to your in-game player using the camera. We also like the shimmering water effect the camera puts on the background of the Xbox Live menu system, not to mention that when you're in music mode on your Xbox 360, you can play with the visualization with hand gestures. Lastly, the Xbox Live Vision camera can double as a Web cam on your PC or Mac. Image quality for still photos is pretty mediocre and only a handful of games are currently Vision-enabled. Microsoft's answer to Sony's EyeToy camera, the affordable Xbox Live Vision Camera for Xbox 360 may not yet be a must-have Xbox 360 accessory, but we suspect that as Microsoft upgrades Xbox Live to include more Vision features, it will be.∂=abcnews 28-Sep-2006 03:00 PM PDT