Samsung Upstage SPH-M620

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The Samsung Upstage SPH-M620 has decent call and music quality, an included extended battery, and a complete feature set that includes stereo Bluetooth, a music player, a megapixel camera, and EV-DO support. It also offers an original, ergonomic design that's user-friendly and attractive. The Samsung Upstage SPH-M620's battery isn't user-replaceable, and its tiny phone display isn't very useful. The flipping motion can also become tedious when used over time. Finally, the music player was somewhat buggy, and the single speaker had unimpressive output. If you can get past the learning curve, the Samsung Upstage SPH-M620 is a unique, powerful, and attractive phone that successfully combines music and calling functions into one handy convergence device. It's not perfect by any means, but it remains an innovative, satisfying phone.∂=abcnews 26-Mar-2007 11:04 AM PDT