Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-700BC

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Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-700BC


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The PRS-700 is sleeker than the Kindle; faster processor speeds up the device; new touch-screen interface offers better ergonomics and is easier to use; with the addition of an optional memory card (SD or Memory Stick Pro), it's capable of storing thousands of electronic books; font size is adjustable; decent battery life; displays Word and PDF files (and zooms them), shows most image files, and plays MP3 and AAC audio; built-in LED lighting isn't great but allows you to read in the dark.

New touch screen is more glare-prone and doesn't have as much contrast as Amazon's Kindle or Sony's PRS-505; built-in lighting is from the screen periphery is not true backlighting; eBook Library software isn't available for Mac owners; there's no support for Audible audio books; and no built-in wireless access.

The PRS-700 takes one step forward for Sony digital readers--and a couple leaps back.∂=abcnews

26-Nov-2008 10:33 AM PST