Lexmark P915

31087423 P915 Lexmark P915 3132 Peripherals Photo Printers

Lexmark International Inc. 0 5.1 Ink-jet, 6 pages/min, 12 pages/min, 15 pages/min, 22 pages/min, 0.6 min/page, Wired, Color, PC, Mac, 2400 dpi x 1200 dpi, 4800 dpi x 1200 dpi http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/sc/31087423-2-120-0.gif 95.66 137.91

http://abcnews.com.com/Lexmark_P915/4014-3166_7-31087423.html?subj=Lexmark+P915&tag=feed∂=abcnews 0 0 0 Inexpensive; large, clear LCD preview; fast text printing; nice software bundle. Long dry time results in frequent ink smudging; flimsy components; generally poor print quality. The P915 is a viable general-use home printer, but it lacks the features and the quality that photo enthusiasts or presentation creators need. http://abcnews.com.com/Lexmark_P915/4505-3166_7-31087423.html?subj=Lexmark+P915&tag=feed∂=abcnews 12-Apr-2005 05:48 PM PDT