App-Y New Year! Smartphone, iPad and e-Reader Devices Make Most of Your New Gadgets

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Were you lucky enough to unwrap a new gadget for the holidays?

If you got an Android phone, an iPhone or iPad, Windows phone, BlackBerry or a Kindle, there are hundreds of thousands of apps for your new toys.

Apps for Your Smartphones

Facebook. It's free on your phone, so you can write status updates anywhere and upload photos directly from your phone.

Pandora. It's like a radio station that builds playlists around artists and genres that you like.

Kindle or Nook. Download the free Kindle or Barnes and Noble app and you can buy books to read on your phone. If you already have the Kindle, the last page you read there will sync to the same location when you open that book on your phone.


You can buy your books wirelessly, eliminating the need to hook your e-reader up to the computer. You just need to tie your device to your online account with Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Borders. You can also subscribe to blogs and newspapers, put music on your e-reader and even download games such as Scrabble.

For iPads Only

Games: Plants vs. Zombies, Angry Birds, and Cut the Rope are popular games for the iPad.

Apps for Kids

If you let your children play with the iPad, there are some educational options for them as well.

Scholastic makes educational iPad and iPhone aps. Click HERE to learn more.

Dinosaur train: Click HERE for more.

Old Mac apps for kids: Click HERE for more.

The sky is the limit for apps. And if you only install only one utility, it should be a phone locator – just in case you lose your new device or it gets stolen.

There's the Phone Finder for IOS, Mobile Defense for Android and Berry Finder for BlackBerry.

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