Memorex's EB100, EB200 and EB300 In-Ear Headphones

New headphones cancel out niose and deliver high-quality tunes.

Nov. 28, 2008 — -- If you're looking to escape into an uninterrupted world of music – or are simply eager to drown out the noise of everyday life – look no further than Memorex's In-Ear Headphones.

These small ear buds pack a big punch and deliver tunes from your MP3 player in outstanding quality while also staying where they're supposed to – in your ears.

Featuring Howard Leight's Soundelity technology, these ear buds are extremely comfortable thanks to their professional-grade ear cushioning. Unlike other popular ear buds, there are no hard edges and don't irritate your ears after continued use. The cushioned tip of the ear buds also form to the shape of your inner ear, preventing them from moving around and even falling out as frequently at other similar headphones often do.

Also, because of the snug fit of the ear buds, most outside noise is cancelled out as soon as your music is turned on, at which point the acoustics are pretty incredible for such an affordable product -- the buds, which come in three different sizes, range in price from $24.99 to $39.99.

But like most ear buds, they're not perfect when it comes to staying in place during a workout. While they certainly stay in yours ears better than the average ear bud, Memorex's still have a tendency to slip out during high-intensity activity like running.

Also, for the fashion conscious buyers, take note that these headphones only come in black – a predicament for those used to white headphones matching their MP3 players.