Some Love Facebook '25 Random Things' Fad, Some Hate It

ByBrennon Slattery, PC World
February 06, 2009, 6:53 PM

— -- If you are a Facebook user you've probably been "tagged" in what is quickly becoming a Facebook viral fad called "25 Random Things About Me." According to published reports an estimated 5 million of these notes - or 125 million facts - have popped up in the last week on Facebook.

The way it works is someone tags you (and 24 other Facebook users) and shares 25 random things about themselves. In turn, your are supposed to type up a list of 25 random things about yourself and share them with the person who tagged you and 24 other people. It's a variation of one of those chain letters that required you to forward a missive to 10 people - or else.

While some people love this latest fad, some loath it. Here is a top ten list of reasons I both love and hate the "25 Random Things About Me" fad. Why just 10 reasons, you ask? Because one of the things I hate about the "25 Random Things" list is the list is too long.

LOVE - It's a rallying cry to highlight our individualism in an anonymous digital culture.

HATE - I hate "25 Random Things" lists that use way too many clichés, try too hard to be funny, and those whose lists descend into creative narcissism.

LOVE - I love the fact it saved me from having a 30-minute conversation with my co-worker about her babies. Instead I wasted 5 minutes on Facebook reading about them.

HATE - The guilt of knowing I'm just too lazy to ever share 25 random things with my Facebook friends.

LOVE - The delicious irony: We rail

against Facebook for failing to protect our privacy, then take a naked stroll through the town common.

HATE - I hate NOT getting tagged to read a "25 Random Things" list by people I thought were my friends.

LOVE - The voyeur in me loves seeing friends share way too much. It's like watching a text-based train wreck.

HATE - The editor in me that suffers through a list where my friends share way too much boring details - "I love the color brown."

LOVE - I love that it's a perfect way to be fake and pseudo sensitive to impress that special someone that I'm just right for them.

HATE - I hate "25 Random Things" lists because they are a further dumbing down of the way we communicate with each other. What's next, a 25 Random Reasons Why You Should Hire Me cover letter sent to a potential employer? I'm sure this one has already been tried, along with a text message follow up.

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