Amazon's Kindle Oasis: 4 Standout Features

Amazon's newest e-reader is a departure from its lower cost siblings.

The eighth generation e-reader, which made its debut on Wednesday, comes with a $289.99 price tag -- a hefty amount for a device designed mainly for people to read electronic books. By comparison, Amazon's cheapest Kindle costs $79.99.

Both serve the core purpose of being e-readers, however, as the old adage goes, "you get what you pay for." With the Kindle Oasis, that means a slew of extra features (including an insane battery life.)

Here's a rundown of four of the features that make the Kindle Oasis stand out in a family of e-readers.


Battery Life

Other Kindles are designed to stay powered for weeks, but the Kindle Oasis can go for months without a charge, according to Amazon. A leather charging cover that comes with the device automatically recharges the Kindle when it isn't in use. The Oasis also has a hibernation mode to help conserve battery when the Kindle isn't being used. Every couple of months, plug the cover and Kindle into a power source to juice back up, and you're all set.


Ah, remember the days of holding an actual book? The Kindle Oasis does keep some of that nostalgia with an ergonomic hand grip, which Amazon says will "rest in your hand like the spine of a book."


Chances are if someone spends $289.99 on a Kindle Oasis, they're likely an avid reader. Keeping that in mind, the device has a built-in front light Amazon says will help prevent eyestrain after hours of reading.

Perhaps one of the most difficult issues with some e-readers is the glare that can occur when you're outside, trying to lounge by the pool and read a book. The Oasis packs 60 percent more LEDs than its predecessors, offering a wider range of lighting.