Brothers Create New App BrewDrop, Bringing Alcohol Delivery to Texas

Matt and Andrew Bell of Austin make doorstep liquor delivery easier than ever

— -- A new app called BrewDrop is hoping to do for liquor what apps like Seamless have done for the restaurant business.

Matt and Andrew Bell of Austin co-founded the app, which teams up with local liquor stores to bring booze right to your front doorstep. They say their company is the only one of its kind in Texas.

“Think of it like pizza delivery for alcohol,” reads the app’s website,, “a liquor store at your fingertips.”

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The brothers reportedly first got the idea at Matt’s wedding, when Andrew was sent out on an alcohol run only to return with completely different items than what he was sent for. The result was the creation of BrewDrop, which transmits the orders to stores, which do the deliveries.

Here’s how it works: first, users validate their age upon registration, which will be again verified upon delivery. Once registered, users are free to scroll through the beer, wine, and liquor inventory, adding items to a cart and placing the order with just a few taps of your finger. BrewDrop promises quick and friendly service, so users can expect to have their orders delivered within 30-60 minutes with just a $5 delivery fee.

Currently, the app only serves a limited audience. The first BrewDrop deliveries were made Saturday, with the company hoping to expand as it partners with more liquor stores.