Astronaut Tim Peake Shows How to Use Space Toilet in Zero G

Going to the bathroom in zero G is surprisingly simple.

— -- It's probably the question people are most curious about when it comes to living in space: How do astronauts use the bathroom in microgravity?

Or, if you're British astronaut Tim Peake, who arrived at the International Space Station last month, the question is: "How do you go to the loo in space?"

In a video released by the European Space Agency on Tuesday, Peake gave people back on Earth a look at the funnel tubular contraption astronauts use to go to the bathroom. It certainly couldn't be more different than the toilets back on Earth, but in a microgravity environment, it gets the job done without make a mess.

Astronauts take the cap off the contraption, turn on the fan and do their business.

"The airflow keeps everything going down the pipe," Peake said. "Simple as that."

And now you know.