Top 5 Gadgets of the Week: Google Fiber, Hasbro Lazer Tag, Astro A50 Wireless Headset

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It was hard to top this week in tech news. Apple's Mountain Lion OS hit for $20, London starting lighting up its London Eye Ferris Wheel based on tweet sentiment, and Google announced its high-speed Google Fiber internet connection in Kansas City.

But while that was all happening some fun gadgets were also making their way into the world. For all you children of the '80s, Lazer Tag is back in a big way. Also making the list this week, we have some new TV tech from Google, a multi-use radio, a new gaming headset, and the ultimate mini grill for those intimate camping getaways. Click through for a recap of this week's coolest gadgets.

PHOTO: Hasbro Lazer Tag
Hasbro Lazer Tag

It's time for lazer tag to go 21st century with Hasbro's new Lazer Tag system. The new system integrates with your iPhone, bringing a digital twist into an old favorite. Once locked in, the iPhone is used as a view screen and sensor. You can see your lasers shooting out at your opponents or see if you've been caught in someone else's crosshairs. The new system also uses augmented reality to project enemies around the room in single player mode. The new system will hit retail stores on August 1st for $40, and a bundle of two will be available in the fall for $75. (Hasbro)

PHOTO: Google Fiber
Google Fiber

Google continues their bid for global domination of all things tech, with the introduction of Google Fiber in Kansas City. Google's new TV service will come with several new devices, including the Network Box, TV Box, and a Storage Box, depending on a consumers need. The Network Box will attach to any wall-mounted jack, come with built-in Wi-Fi and have four gigabit Ethernet connections. The TV Box will connect to other TVs and comes with Wi-Fi access point and receiver, Ethernet, and can play 1080p content. The Storage Box will be Google's answer to the DVR and allows up to 8 different shows to be recorded at once. The Google Nexus 7 tablet is also included as a remote. Since the devices will be free with a subscription, Google hopes most people will look past the steep $120 monthly charge. (Google)

PHOTO: Bodum FYRKAT grill
Bodum FYRKAT Mini Grill

If you're like us, and love to grill, this next item is just what the grill master ordered. Bodum's new FYRKAT mini grill is 12 inches in diameter and comes in black, red, and lime green. It's small enough to fit on the back of a bike or in the corner of your tent. The grill's body is made from enamel-coated steel and the handle is heat-resistant silicone. At $60, it won't cook a feast, but if you have a couple of steaks and hot dogs, you're good to go. Now if they only made tiny bags of charcoal, we'd be all set. (Bodum)

PHOTO: Eton Grundig G2 Reporter
Eton Grundig
Eton Grundig G2 Reporter

The Eton Grundig G2 Reporter is a small lightweight AM/FM/SW radio with 4GB of internal storage. The multifunctional device has a built-in mic and mic inputs so users can use it as a loud speaker or as a voice recorder. Utilize a line-in jack on the side to connect a smartphone or tablet as an external source. For some extra storage, the built in microSDHC slot can hold cards up to 16GB in size for playback of MP3 or WMA files. The G2 has the ability to read text documents, which can be displayed on its tiny screen. Why anyone would want to use this as an e-reader is beyond us though. It also costs a pricey $150. (Eton)

PHOTO: Astro A50 wireless gaming headset.
Astro A50 Wireless Headset

Gamers looking for a great wireless headset need not look any further. The Astro A50 Wireless Headset provides clarity and range that others don't. Operating at 5.8GHz, the A50 is compatible with multiple systems including PC, Xbox, PS3, and other mobile devices. The best part: these bad boys are integrated with Dolby Digital 7.1; players will hear gunshots whiz by their heads and their opponents' footsteps around a corner. Knowing where the enemy is will always give one the upper hand. The A50 Headset is great for any hardcore gamer, but at $299 it might turn away the more casual individual. (Astro)

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