Black Friday Apple Deals: A Guide to Saving on the iPad, iPhone, Macs

Where to get the best deal on iProducts.

Nov. 29, 2013 — -- It's Apple's own annual Thanksgiving tradition: Announce that there will be Black Friday sales at Apple stores, but don't say exactly what those sales will be. The company revealed the actual deals on Friday, Nov. 29, at midnight PT. The sales are available for the following 24 hours.

The deals this year aren't discounts, instead they are gift cards of up to $150 on a purchase, which means you have to buy something else to use the gift card.

But Apple stores aren't the only places where you can save on the new iPads, iPhones and MacBooks on Black Friday. Below are some of the best Apple Black Friday deals at other retailers. You can also see all of Apple's deals here.


Walmart is offering the iPhone 5s for $189 (it's usually $199) and the iPhone 5c (usually $99) for $45 with a two-year contract. When you buy those phones and sign that contract, you will be given a $75 Walmart gift card.

Target, on the other hand, is offering the 5s for $180 with a two-year contract and a free $30 gift card.


Stores aren't outrightly shaving the price on the iPad, but many are including free gift cards.

Target will offer the iPad Air, originally priced at $499, for $479, with an $100 gift card to the store. It is an in-store-only deal. Stores open on 8 p.m. Thursday.

MacMall is cutting $41 off the Air, bringing the price down to $457.99 for the day. Apple itself is offering the iPad Air for $499 with a $75 gift card.

There are similar deals on the iPad Mini. is offering an $100 gift card with the $299 iPad Mini just for Thursday. It is good only while supplies last. Apple, however, will offer the iPad Mini for $299 with a $50 Apple Store gift card.

Walmart is offering a similar deal starting on Thursday at 6 p.m. The iPad Mini, sold at full price, comes with an $100 Walmart gift card. According to Walmart, this is a one-hour guarantee item so as long as you're inside the store and in the line at that time, you can purchase the Mini at this price and you'll receive it either that night or before Christmas.

Target has a similar deal but with a $75 gift card. Staples is outrightly offering the tablet for $250.

Apple TV

At Target you can snatch up the Apple TV, usually priced at $99.99, for $89. MacMall has the same deal. Buy the Apple TV at an Apple Store today and you will get a $25 gift card.


The best (and only) deals on Macs seem to be at MacMall. The site will be offering $349 off the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display, bringing the price to $1,150. It will be offering $500 in savings on the 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display, at $1,700.

There's also some savings to be had on the MacBook Air. The 11-inch version, usually priced at $1,000, will be on sale for $869.99. You can also snatch up an 13-inch version, usually priced at $1,099 for $996.99. When you buy a Mac through Apple you get a $150 gift card.

Gift Cards

Every year there tends to be good deals on iTunes gift cards. There are bound to be more deals over the next couple of weeks, but for now Target will offer $60 to the iTunes store for $50, and Best Buy will offer an $100 gift card for $85.