Why You Would Have to Break This Bike to Steal It

Yerka bicycle has unique design that could deter thieves.

— -- Good luck trying to steal any parts from this bike.

"We have created a bike that at the first glance looks like any other, but in less than ten seconds, it becomes the safest lock you can find," Cristobal Cabello, one of the founders, said in a video explaining the project.

The Yerka has an integrated design, making it both a bicycle and a lock. In order to steal the bicycle, a thief would have to cut through its main frame, rendering the bike useless and defeating the person of stealing it. If the thief broke the pole or fence the bike is attached to, the Yerka team said it would still be impossible to ride the bike since the frame would remain in a locked position.

The bicycle was offered to early donors for a price of $499.

While it's currently sold out, the team said they expect to ramp up production to meet demand as early as next year.