CES: Consumer Electronics Show Opens in Las Vegas

The behemoth trade show will introduce the latest gadgets.

January 09, 2012, 12:34 PM

January 9, 2012— -- In today's TechBytes, the big gadget show. The Consumer Electronics Show opens in Las Vegas.

It's the largest trade show held in this hemisphere for any industry.

The electronics industry will bring out some stars at CES this week. "Jersey Shore's" Snooki will promote a new line of audio accessories, the rapper 50 Cent will tout his wireless headphones and Justin Bieber will introduce a robot.

Some other headlines from CES:

Samsung inTouch Wi-Fi Camera

One new product already unveiled at the show is Samsung's inTouch.

The camera system allows any HD TV to connect to Skype and stream high-definition video.

It also includes a keyboard for messaging.

Digital Camera Sales Down

You'll also be seeing a lot of inexpensive digital cameras coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show.

Camera makers are feeling the heat from smartphones, whose picture-taking ability is improving rapidly.

Through the first 11 months of last year, retail sales of basic cameras were off 17 percent, as more people shot pictures with their phones.

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