Emoji Update: Taco, Unicorn and 35 Other New Icons Coming to Your Phone

Group regulating emoji approves 37 new icons.

— -- Emoji enthusiasts rejoice: The oft-requested taco icon is becoming a reality.

Other popular requests making the cut for the Unicode Consortium's latest emoji update include a hot dog, cheese wedge, popcorn, turkey and a champagne bottle with a popping cork.

While snack foods were among the most requested emoji, according to the Unicode Consortium, which is tasked with standardizing the colorful icons across various operating systems. The Unicode 8.0 update encompasses other new additions including sports symbols, religious symbols and silly new emoji faces.

The Unicode Consortium said it considers a variety of factors in choosing which emoji to add to its line-up, including the expected usage level, image distinctiveness and how often it is requested -- proving that persistent requests for the long elusive taco have paid off.

Most Popularly Requested

Taco, Bottle With Popping Cork, Burrito,Cheese Wedge, Hot Dog, Popcorn, Turkey, Unicorn Face

Sports Symbols

Cricket Bat And Ball, Field Hockey Stick And Ball, Ice Hockey Stick And Puck, Table Tennis Paddle And Ball, Badminton Racquet and Shuttlecock, Volleyball

New Faces, Zodiac Symbols

Zipper-Mouth Face, Money-Mouth Face, Face With Thermometer, Nerd Face, Thinking Face, Upside-Down Face, Face With Rolling Eyes, Face With Head-Bandage, Robot Face, Hugging Face, Hands Making Devil Horns, Bow And Arrow, Lion Face, Scorpion, Amphora, Crab

Religious Symbols

Mosque, Synagogue, Menorah, Place Of Worship, Prayer Beads, Kaaba