Facebook Wants You to Tell Them Your News Feed Priorities

How your Facebook news feed can change for the better.

— -- If you just can't get enough of your best friend, crush or sibling's Facebook posts, it's now even easier to make sure you don't miss anything in your news feed.

Facebook announced today it is expanding and redesigning news feed preferences, allowing users to take even more control over what they do and don't want to see in their news feed.

Facebook's news feed already uses an algorithm to show users stories it believes matter most to them based on who a user interacts with, whether they tend to comment more on photos or watch a lot of videos.

The new preferences will allow users to tune their preferences even more finely by choosing a select group of pages and friends whose posts Facebook promises to always share first at the top of a user's news feed. Facebook said each user's "see first" list will remain private.

Also available is a list of the top people, pages and groups a user has seen in their news feed over the past week, allowing them to choose to unfollow anyone they don't want to see.

The action can easily be undone any time and is ideal if you just don't want to see your friend's gorgeous vacation photos or are tired of seeing marathon training updates.

The new settings can be found today in iOS and will extend to Android and desktop in the coming weeks, Facebook said.

News feed preferences can be found by tapping "more" in the bottom right corner of the Facebook iOS app and then choosing "settings."