What Facebook Is Doing For New Parents

Policy change gives more support to fathers, same sex couples.

— -- Facebook has made a policy change that gives four months of paid parental leave to new parents. The announcement comes just days after CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he would take two months of paternity leave when his daughter is born.

"This expanded benefit primarily affects new fathers and people in same-sex relationships outside the U.S. It will not alter the existing maternity leave currently available to all employees worldwide," Lori Matloff Goler, Facebook's vice president of human resources, wrote in a post.

Goler said the inclusive policy is "the right thing to do for our people and their families."

"We believe that fathers and mothers alike deserve the same level of support when they are starting and growing a family, regardless of how they define family," she wrote.

Zuckerberg announced his decision last week to take two months off when his daughter is born, calling it a very personal choice.

He added: "Every day things are getting a little more real for us, and we're excited to start this next stage in our lives."