Favorite apps: On plane, it's games, music

— -- Actor Alec Baldwin was escorted off a flight this week because he wouldn't stop playing the Words with Friends game on his iPhone. That got us thinking: Which app would you miss a flight for?

We asked this question to visitors at the Hollywood Walk of Fame exhibit in Los Angeles, and reached out to readers as well via the Tout video app.

Here's what folks couldn't live without:


—Angry Birds games: "Love Angry Birds. You can't stop. Once you stop, then you die off and you have to start over and go to square one," says Christine Chang of Denver.

—Robot Unicorn Attack (a 99-cent racing game featuring unicorns): "It's a serious one. I was just playing on the plane over here. It's one of those run-through games, has a lot of great music behind it," says Gabe Flanigan of Ithaca, N.Y. "It's highly addicting. It's just a weird game and it's fun," says Amber Gamieny, also of Ithaca.

—Hanging with Friends (free/$1.99 for version without ads; word game based on 'Hangman'): "Instead of Words with Friends, I'd probably get kicked off for playing Hanging with Friends because I'd be so close to getting a word that I'd have to keep playing until I got it. No flight attendant would slow me down," says Sam Anderson, via Tout.

—Family Feud ($2.99; based on the TV show): "It's so competitive, especially when you're playing against your friends. You can't stop and let them win. So that would be worth getting kicked off the plane for," says Kaley Fountain, via Tout.

—Words with Friends (free/$2.99 for version without ads; word game): "All the way. I don't blame Alec at all. I'd be upset too if they told me to stop playing and I was winning," says Katie Fountain, via Tout.

—Slot Machine (free; Vegas-style gaming): "Anything with gambling," says Tomeka Haywood, via Tout.


— "You've got to post what you're doing. If we're on the plane, getting kicked off, then I'm going to be bragging on Facebook that I'm getting kicked off," says Constance Sultan of Santa Maria, Calif. "We'd get lots of likes for that one," adds her friend Melinda Duran.

— "I am obsessed. No Facebook. No flight. Seems fair, right?" says Margaux Brooke, via Tout.


— "Just listening to music on my phone. I love music. It's music over anything," says Jonathan Bass of Los Angeles.


— "There is no app I'd be willing to be kicked off a plane for," says Gregg Martin.

— "No app could make me not want to shut my phone down or get kicked off a plane or cause a delay for a bunch of other passengers," says Jeremy Slavec of Denver.

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