Affordable and Fun Christmas Gift Ideas

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Still looking for the perfect present for that special someone on your list? Here are some last-minute gift ideas that are sure to put a smile on everyone's face for under $50.

Universal Wrist Gadget Charger, $34.99

You may have to make a choice of survival over substance with this wrist charger, which will provide that extra shot of juice when you're on the road. Works with a variety of devices and you may become the envy of your friends in a pinch. Just don't forget to charge the charger.

Hexbug Nano, $9.99

They don't look like much but they'll delight kids of nearly all ages (and some adults, too). Just flip the switch and watch them scurry around the floor and even start to climb walls (anyone scared of bugs may be climbing the walls, too). You can even run them through mazes and obstacles -- check out some competition videos online.

LED Flashing Shoelaces, $13.99

Learning to tie your shoes may be a whole lot more fun when they glow in the dark! These shoelaces can blink or remain a solid color (they come in many shades). They may even help keep track of where your kids are running around (at night).

Blabber Meter, $24.99

Blah blah blah. The Blabber Meter is meant for that work colleague (or boss) with a sense of humor. It's designed to keep track of how much money is wasted during those pointless meetings or endless phone conversations. You can enter how many people are in the room and watch the tally rise. (Not guaranteed to be scientifically accurate).

The Electronic Rock Guitar T-Shirt, $29.99

Forget going to a holiday party -- this t-shirt lets you be the party. Simply use the included "pick" to "strum" the guitar image on the screen and rock out. The sounds are recorded from an actual guitar and played through an included amplifier (that goes to 11, of course).

MEDEA LED Vodka, $39.99

If you've ever wanted a vodka bottle with your name on it -- now you can have one! A scrolling LED (in blue or white) can display up to 255 characters over several different lines. Write a festive message or something more eye catching. In the future, the company hopes to let people send texts to the bottle. It's Dutch vodka in a New York bottle.

686 Snow Tool Belt, $39.95

Perfect for snowboarders looking to kill two birds with one stone -- eliminate those saggy pants and carry those critical tools to adjust your bindings. This belt integrates a small wrench and screwdriver so you can be the ultimate hero on the slopes -- and look cool doing it.