Gmail Unveils 'Undo Send' Button After Several Years of Beta Testing

PHOTO: Gmail logo on top of Gmail welcome pageDaniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images
The Gmail logo is pictured on the top of a welcome page in New York, Friday, April 1, 2005.

Remember that one time you sent a peach pie recipe to your boss instead of your sister?

Gmail is now trying to save you that embarrassment.

Gmail officially unveiled its‘Undo Send’ button yesterday to save web users from accidentally sending emails to the wrong recipients, according to the Google Apps team.

The feature was launched in Google Labs in 2009 and was added to Inbox by Google less than a month ago, but yesterday, the helpful feature was introduced to web users.

The button allows users to set a cancellation time from 5 to 30 seconds to change their mind on an email they just pressed send on, which Google is calling a "grace period."

If a sender doesn't cancel, the email will be transmitted automatically after the delay expires.

Users must enable the feature to use the new tool by clicking on the settings cog and deciding how long to have the "undo" pop-up appear.

Don’t forget to hit "Save Changes" to save yourself from future typos and embarrassing situations.