Google vs. Microsoft: Battle of the Santa Trackers

Want to follow Santa's journey? You have options.

For the fourth year in a row, both tech giants will make it easy for people to follow Santa's sleigh as he travels around the world delivering presents.


The official Santa tracker site includes festive tunes, movies about Santa and NORAD, and lessons about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Games and interactive experiences, which have also been optimized for mobile devices, make the countdown to Christmas even more fun.

Check out Microsoft and NORAD's Santa tracker here.


Chill out in Santa's village and try your hand at a new game or project that is unlocked each day as we count down the days until Christmas. There's also an interactive map explaining fun facts about how the holiday is celebrated around the world.

Android users can get in on the action by downloading the Santa Tracker app to make sure they're up to speed on the jolly old man's whereabouts.

Check out Google's Santa tracker here.