See Google Robot's 'Karate Kid' Moves

The 6-foot-3 Atlas robot can even do the iconic crane kick.

— -- Feast your eyes on this karate fighting robot.

Atlas, a robot owned by Google's Boston Dynamics, showed off its incredible "Karate Kid" movies in a video posted online.

Standing in for Mr. Miyagi was the team at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, which programmed Atlas to take on some of the famous moves the sensei taught "Karate Kid" Daniel LaRusso.

Atlas balances on one foot atop cinder blocks and slowly raises and lowers its arms. The humanoid robot then brings the arms to its "hips" and full extends its leg.

While the feat isn't ninja-fast and pales in comparison to that famous "Karate Kid" crane kick scene, it does show off an impressive engineering feat.

Being a karate student isn't the only trick Atlas can do. The robot, which stands more than 6 feet tall and weighs 330 pounds, can also walk on two feet and use its human-like arms to lift and carry various items.

Atlas can also climb with its hands and feet, making it skilled at navigating challenging terrain and tight spaces.