Your High-Tech Holiday Gadget Guide for Christmas Morning

How to get the most out of your new gadgets once they're out of the box.

Fitness Bands

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Streaming Media Devices

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New Phone

1. Apple Care or a similar insurance policy from the manufacturer. These cost about $99 and especially if you're giving this to someone who is accident prone or to a teenager, it's worth it.

2. Get a case. Sometimes they are bulky and make it harder to put in your pocket, but since the iPhone 6 is so skinny, it's actually easier to hold with a case.

3. At the very least get a screen protector. In my very anecdotal experience, a clear screen protector can guard against cracks and screen breakage as well as a case.

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Sell Your Old Gadgets

If you got a new device as a replacement for something old, sell the old one. In my anecdotal experience, you get the best price on eBay. For example an iPhone 4 from a carrier is currently going for around $100. But then again it's so easy to use a gadget recycling service like Gazelle or NextWorth. You just send it in and they pay you immediately. The downside is the payments are generally about 50 percent less than via eBay.