IPhone X screen repairs could cost as much as $279

Don't drop your iPhone X.

— -- The high price tag of Apple's iPhone X didn't stop people from pre-ordering it. But repairing the $999 phone's screen could set some users back $279.

IPhone users who did not opt for the AppleCare+ plan, which costs $199, will have to pay $279 to have their screens replaced, according to Apple. That price only includes screen damage. But for users who have AppleCare+, the price drops to $29. In comparison, Apple charges $169 to replace the screen on the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. The price is $29 for users with AppleCare coverage.

Issues caused by accidental damage aren’t covered under AppleCare, according to Apple's website. Third-party retailers typically offer the same services at a lower cost for repairs.

The $279 price tag may seem unusually high, but Jordan Kahn, senior editor at 9to5mac.com, said the price is in line with iPhone competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

"Screen repairs [for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8] run around $300 on average," Kahn said.

As for the iPhone X, "It will likely take a significant amount of time and money to reconfigure repair staff and equipment to be able to repair the device that has a radically different design than previous years," he noted.

He also predicts that it could take time for third-party retailers to acquire the components needed for an iPhone X full-screen replacement.