Key Things to Know About Microsoft's Giant Surface Hub Computer

Microsoft's latest offering, the Surface Hub, boasts an 84-inch screen.

The Surface Hub, a gigantic computer with an 84-inch screen, comes with an equally gargantuan price tag: $19,999. Microsoft announced today orders for the device will begin July 1 and will start shipping in September.

At 55 inches, a slightly less imposing version of the touchscreen computer will retail for $6,999, according to Microsoft.

"While there are a number of devices designed to improve our productivity as individuals, there has yet to be a device that is truly optimized for a group of people to use together -- designed not just for what we need to do, but how we want to work. Until now," Mike Angiulo, vice president of devices at Microsoft, said in a statement.

While it looks like a white board, the device has a 4K display, built-in sensors, cameras, speakers and microphones to support workplace collaboration. The information on the computer can be easily shared with team members around the world.

The Surface Hub made its world debut in January when Microsoft showed it off at its Windows 10 event.