Mysterious Bright, Greenish Object Streaks Across the Sky

People in at least seven states report the UFO sighting.

November 4, 2014, 8:46 AM

— -- People across parts of the country turned their gaze skyward Monday, with two objects spotted in the night sky.

The first object was reported after 6 p.m. across 11 states, from Georgia to Pennsylvania. The object appears to have been a meteor, Bill Cooke of the NASA Meteoroid Environment Office said.

Benwood Police Sgt. Luke Thomas in West Virginia captured dash-cam video showing a bright, greenish object coming from the sky.

A second object was spotted about an hour later over Chicago.

“The Chicago event appears to be a slow mover; could be a piece of space junk,” NASA’s Cooke said. “We’re checking into that as well.”

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