Ex-NFL Players Want to Help You Find a Job

PHOTO: Thad Turner is pictured on Dec. 4, 2009 and Brandon King is pictured on Aug. 25, 2012.Getty Images
Thad Turner is pictured on Dec. 4, 2009 and Brandon King is pictured on Aug. 25, 2012.

Two former NFL teammates are tackling the world of technology with a new app called GiiG, which is designed to cut through the obstacles many job searchers and hiring managers face when looking to fill a position.

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Brandon King, who began his career as a cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts and Thad Turner, who began as a defensive back, told ABC News they were the perfect partners to work together on their post-NFL venture.

The app is a one-stop platform for employers and job seekers, who can apply to jobs with one click, send a quick video pitch and even interview in the app. This is a built-in messaging feature that allows the hiring manager and job seekers to close the loop after an interview.

Turner, 28, has a background in business development and after his time in the NFL, served as a consultant for a friend who was opening a gym and to the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency. King, 29, a self-described geek, said he taught himself how to code by watching YouTube videos after he left the NFL around two years ago.

"The NFL kind of spoils you, it was a great experience. I never wanted to work for anybody once I came out," King said. "I love the freedom and that led to entrepreneurship. I had to find some way to get there so I taught myself how to code one summer."

The transition from the NFL to being a founder may seem like two different worlds but both King and Turner said there were aspects of the NFL, such as teamwork, that helped prepare them for their next gig.

"Always outwork your opponent, just the competitive nature of it," Turner said.

Turner said he saw the issues hiring managers faced when he worked at the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency and wanted to team up with King to help solve many of the pain points of the job search process by using technology. King got to work building the app and receiving input from his teammate along the way.

"It makes everything more convenient with them being able to engage," King said. "A lot of people are still using Craigslist and now you have a chance to get a video and interview right from the platform. It's a lot of information early on in the hiring process."

Right now, many of the jobs available on GiiG are only in Atlanta, however the duo said their focus this year will be on growing the app and making more employers and job seekers around the country aware of its existence and helping them leverage the service to find the best possible talent.

When asked what advice he had for job seekers using GiiG, King, who chatted with ABC News over the app, offered these words of wisdom for making the interview a touchdown:

"Wear a nice shirt," he said. "And treat it like any other job interview."