Samsung Galaxy S7: Cutting-Edge Smartphone for the Klutz in Us All

Hands on with the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge.

— -- Good looks apparently run in the family.

The latest progeny from Samsung's flagship line of smartphones -- the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge -- carry on Samsung's tradition of creating big, sleek smartphones. Of course, they say beauty is only skin deep, or in the case of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, only goes so far as its curved 3-D metal and glass body.

Thankfully, under that shiny exterior, the new smartphones also pack some major performance upgrades from the Galaxy S6 that help alleviate some of the more annoying points that arise when it comes to smartphone ownership.

Water and Dust Resistant

This is a dream come true for anyone who has ever dropped their phone in a sink, accidentally gone swimming with it or spilled liquid all over it. The new devices are water resistant and can handle being submerged in up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes, according to Samsung, though it's not recommended you try it with your device.

For the sake of technology, I decided to test the water resistance claim with the Galaxy S7 Edge by sending a few text messages from the shower and managed to get the job done. I dried off the phone and it continued to work as usual, showing great promise for withstanding the inevitable drop in the toilet or accidental bath of coffee.


Running out of storage on a smartphone leads the annoying dilemma of which photos, videos and apps to delete in order to free up more space.

Apple took on the issue beginning in 2014 with its iPhone 6 by offering a model with up to 128 GB internal storage. With the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung is making it easier to ensure users never run out of storage by offering an expandable option. A microSD card sold separately can add as much as 200 GB of additional space -- meaning you're free to snap -- and keep -- all of the photos you desire.


That leads us to the camera. Smartphones have turned almost everyone into an amateur photographer, but one glance at a sample of Instagram users and it's clear not everyone has the talent for creating a frame-worthy photo.

The Galaxy S7 devices make it easy for even the most untrained eye to snap a quality photo, regardless of the circumstances.

The reason: Samsung says it's the first to put a dual-pixel sensor on a smartphone -- typically found in professional DSLR cameras. Each pixel has two photodiodes that are able to capture light separately and make it easier to detect a scene even in the dark.

The camera also has super-fast auto-focus and a 25 percent wider aperture than the previous generation. Each pixel is also 56 percent larger, creating a more professional-looking image -- or at minimum, one you'd be proud to post on Facebook.

Charging the Phone

A fast-charging battery can gather half a charge in just half an hour, making it ideal for those moments when users are a pinch and running from place to place.

Other Notable Features

People check their phones as much as 150 times a day, according to Samsung. The new "Always On" display shows a calendar or a clock so you don’t have to go through the task of checking your phone and draining your battery. A Samsung representative told ABC News the “Always On” feature has a negligible effect on battery life. If you don't like it, the feature is optional

Samsung also introduced the curved edge last year -- and this year's model shows how easy it is to take advantage of the extra piece of real estate on the phone. The curved edge on the Galaxy S7 Edge now has 550 pixels compared to the 260 pixels of the Galaxy S6 Edge and allows users to build custom Edge set-ups, including adding tasks, contacts, stocks, sports scores and more.

Pricing and Availability

The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge hit stores on Friday, March 11. Pricing will vary by carrier but prices are starting around $649.99 for the galaxy S7 and $749.99 for the Galaxy S7 Edge. Many carriers will also be offering monthly installment plans, allowing people looking to upgrade to pay as little as $28/month over the course of two years.

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