Ferris Wheel Goes From Santa Monica Bay to eBay

Santa Monica Pier's famous ferris wheel is up for grabs if the price is right.

January 8, 2009, 1:02 AM

April 16, 2008— -- For 12 years, the Pacific Park Ferris wheel has stood on the Santa Monica Pier in California. But today, it's on a different bay — eBay — with a minimum opening bid of $50,000.

Pacific Park is selling its Ferris wheel to make way for a new one. Jeff Klocke of Pacific Park said he was "very surprised to have a bid within the first 24 hours" and called it "a sign of good things to come."

The nine-story-tall Ferris wheel, which boasts 20 gondolas and almost 5,400 light bulbs, will be on auction through April 25. Klocke said half of the proceeds from the sale will be donated to the Special Olympics.

"It's pretty incredible, with such historical value to it ... [and] it's such a fun, kitschy thing," eBay pop culture expert Karen Bard said.

She pointed out that eBay has 113 million listings worldwide, with 6.7 million added every day. The site boasts 82 million active users around the world.

Keep in mind, you can sell just about anything on e-Bay. Last month, someone paid $1,350 for a cornflake shaped like the state of Illinois. In November 2004, a grilled cheese sandwich with a mark on it that some people thought looked like the Virgin Mary, sold for $28,000. In April 2005, "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno sold a motorcycle, autographed by many of his guests, for $250,000, which he donated to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. And former porn star Jenna Jameson's Lamborghini is on the site for sale, as well.

The Ferris wheel has been featured in 28 movies as well as more than 140 television shows and commercials, and is ready for its next destination.

"It's ready to go somewhere else, just be dismantled, reassembled and fired up in your backyard with your backyard barbeque," Klocke said, though he concedes there's "no ocean view included."

One other thing: the wheel weighs 122,000 pounds, and shipping and handling is not included, either.

Jung Hwa Song contributed to this report.

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